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The Folk of Thall

Friends of the Fellowship that call Thall home.

Lord Berel Hestean

Miori of Thall, Druidress of Silvanus

Deornath the Right Hand, Head Priest of Torm in Thall

Oliver "Pig" Miller, Owner of The Troll's Head

Tiny Rupert, Owner of The Sheltering Stones

Thorpe Giantfoe

Kergan Stonesmite of Stonesmite Quarry

Captain Allen Verhees of Thall's Guard


Ajantis Bladesimmer

Vaard the Barbarian

William Trelane and Johnny Warstef


Folk of the Vast

Friends made in the various hamlets, towns, and roads of the land.

Captain Durabont

Guilder Kailen

Bert the Ogre



Sworn Foes

Those who count the Fellowship as enemy.

Riordan Fire-Eyes

Torig Bloodaxe




Those neither friend nor foe.

Katrina Eveningbay

Miriakin Sureblade