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Thorpe Giantfoe

The enigmatic and stoic Thorpe has patrolled the lands
around Thall for the better part of two decades,
wandering in from the Grislick hills periodically with
trophies and plunder from the caves of slain giants,
rare and unusual plants for Miori, and bows and
fletched arrows for Vaard. A quiet man who keeps to
himself, Thorpe rarely stays in Thall, preferring to
camp outside of the village. 

The villagers are willing to tolerate his reclusive
ways because he is truly a scourge to giants and
giant-kin. No one knows for sue how many giants he has
slain, but it has been almost a decade since verbeeg
and hill giants were seen in the Grislick hills, and
no one can remember the last time a fire giant menaced
the caravans. 

Vaard is the rangerís only friend, and when Thorpe is
in town the two remain at Vaardís forge telling tales
and drinking ale until the embers of the fires are
cold. It is speculated that Thorpe and Vaard may have
been friends before the two were in Thall, and some
rumors name Thorpe as a member of Vaardís barbarian
tribe, though there is little physical resemblance.