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William Trelane and Johnny Warstef


William and Johnny are two of the oldest citizens of Thall.  During their younger days they adventured throughout the Realms.  William, an accomplished fighter, and Johnny, an expert rogue, were part of the Company of the Fourth Door.  The name was coined after the group of friends accidentally went through a planar portal located in a Raven's Bluff inn.  It was the fourth door down the hall.  The name stuck.  The company was rounded out by Old Ben, a minor mage and part time thief, Thessle DeMille, a swashbuckler from Raven's Bluff, and Micahlly, a beautiful elven archer.

William and Johnny now spend their days drinking and gossiping in The Sheltering Stones.  A life of adventuring ensured a leisurely retirement.  Like most old people, they will talk your ear off and probably say the most unexpected things.