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Oliver "Pig" Miller


The village’s longest serving alderman, Oliver Miller
assumed the title of alderman and innkeeper after his
thirteenth birthday when his father died in an orc
raid. Though he was forced to assume the mantle of
responsibility of duty early, he shows no ill affects
and is easily the most jovial of the town’s leaders.
Also the most practical, he is responsible for the
economic well-being of the village, and has extensive
contact with the many caravans and traders who pass
through. He is currently working to see all the
craftsmen and works in the city join together as a
single guild, in order to work more efficiently, but
he is having little success due to the many small
rivalries and jealousies common in a small community.

Even though his is the only inn in town, he has spoken
openly of either opening another inn himself, or
helping another person do so, since the traffic
through the village has grown considerably in the last
decade. He has not found a suitable person to run it,
however, and until he does, it won’t be anything more
than banter over a mug of ale.

Of course, Oliver is known for his large nose, which
has earned him the name of "Pig." He is rarely
sensitive about it, going so far as to hang portraits
and drawing of pigs behind his bar in a kind of
porcine hall of fame.