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Miori of Thall, Druidress of Silvanus


This raven-haired woman looks younger than her 60
years would tell, a product of her care-free spirit
and elven heritage. After traveling up and down the
lands of the vast, she has finally settled in Thall at
the request of the regional Circle of Druids to
maintain the grove in the village. Located in the husk
of an old tavern local legends claim was once a temple
to Shar, Miori sees to it that the many vines,
flowers, shrubs and other plants remain green even
during the coldest winter days. She is equally
protective of the massive oak which has grown around
the old well located in the tavern, the tree’s roots
twisted around the stone opening and it’s limbs
sheltering the entire building. 

Miori also works tirelessly to keep a balance between
the needs of the village and the sanctity of the lands
around it. She supported increased hunting when the
local herd of deer grew larger than the forage areas,
and opposed increased trapping and killing of the
local wolf pack. Her wisdom and practicality has
earned her a place as one of the village’s alderman,
occupying a position that mixes the responsibility of
mayor, city council, and guild leader. In this role
she is a constant moderator and is supported because
she always seeks to have each side of an issue
discussed and represented.

Miori is often seen walking around town early in the
morning, dressed in a green gossamer gown, whistling
with her songbird companion Calliope and enjoying
those first rays of sunlight as they warm the earth.

Miori uses her prayers to aid anyone in town,
including those who are faithful to Torm or other good
deities. She has sold and traded potions she brews,
and always has a supply of poultices. She often bears
a oak staff carved with runes and the faces of forest
creatures, a staff many say is magical and a gift from
a treant in the depths of the Elvenmeres.