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Tiny Rupert


One of the few non-locals to have any influence in village affairs, Tiny Rupert is anything but. Everything about Tiny, from his bear-like size to his appetite to his ability to outwork five men in a day is as large as his seven foot frame. Tiny has been
proprietor of the Sheltering Stones for the last six years, ever since he won it in a drinking contest with the previous owner. After  finishing off five casks of ale at the tavern, as well as another from the inn and several bottles of wine from Lord Hestean, the former owner knew he left the tavern in good hands.

Tiny is a strong and upstanding man, and along with his wife Lucy and their five kids (a sixth is on its way), an active member of the church. He is one of the better singers in the church choir, and is more than willing to sing a few bawdy tunes
when the tavern is full.