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Katrina Eveningbay, Advocate of Cormyr


Katrina Eveningbay is a beautiful young lady and is the Advocate for the throne of Cormyr. She holds strongly to the ideas of honor and nobility and has made it her goal to see to it that visiting Cormyreans (including the Free Sails) conduct themselves in a manner becoming of their blood.

She is also an accomplished War Wizard, though less powerful than one would expect for such a demanding and important post as Advocate to Procampur. Katrina made enemies in the hierarchy of the Cormyrean War Wizards by accepting the post when a senior mage made clear his desire for the position. However the Crown decided that what was needed in the important trading port, where gold flows freely from the merchants to the officials, was a person of utmost integrity and loyalty to Cormyr, not one's self. And thus Katrina was offered the post and she accepted.

Katrina has not made many friends in Procampur either. She strictly enforces the laws of the city and has had numerous Cormyreans who were seeking asylum from the law with her arrested. Her most infamous exploit was to command the Free Sails that were in port to help hunt down a fellow Free Sail that was suspected of piracy. It was determined that he and his crew were innocent of the charges, but it left a bitter taste in the mouths of her fellow countrymen who expected better treatment from their own advocate than what they received from the local officials.

Outside of her duties, which take up most of her time, she is content to meet with the law makers of Procampur and discuss issues of security and commerce. She has earned the respect of the lords of the city, but even they concede that she is all duty and no joy. Many would-be courtiers snicker she must be the child of the Frost Maiden herself...though not too close to the wizard...

npc courtesy of rusty boyd