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Ajantis Bladesimmer


A scion of the Waterdhavian Bladesimmers, a noted
merchant family, Ajantis left his home on the sword
coast after a cousin bearing both the same name and
profession as he gained notoriety along the Sword
Coast. A paladin of Helm, Ajantis is currently serving
at Steadfast Hall as part of his duties to Helm. As
reparations for damage done during the Time of
Troubles, Helm has commanded all his faithful to serve
and assist other good faiths, especially Torm, as a
sign of goodwill. Ajantis traveled to Tantras while
escorting a cleric of Torm from Ravenís Bluff. From
there he traveled north, assisting any he could in the
cause of right. Along the way, he battled a band of
hobgoblins, and while he slew the entire band of
twelve, he received grievous wounds, and barely made
his way to Thall. After receiving aid from Deornath
himself, Ajantis vowed to repay him with service for a
year and a day.

In the six months since then, Ajantis has proven his
value to Deornath and Thall time and again. He has
fought off several raids by goblins and orcs, helped
defeat an owlbear who wandered too close to a
farmstead, and caught no less than a score of brigands
along the coastal road. Deornath is trying to convince
Ajantis to remain in Thall even after his time of
service is finished, going so far as to say he would
assist the paladin in building a small temple to Helm.
For his part, Ajantis loves the area and feels a
strong bond not just with Deornath but Lord Hestean as
well, especially since Lord Hestean employs the lovely
Callista Meodere.

Like all Bladesimmers, Ajantis is incredibly
knowledgeable about all types of weapons, especially
swords. This knowledge covers not just common blades
and their variations, but information on Eastern and
Arabian weapons, weaponsmithing, values, and even some
magical properties.