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Guilder Kailen


No one is sure where Guilder Kailen was originally
from, though Sembia and Cormyr both are often
mentioned. What everyone is sure of is that a fourteen
year-old youth wagon driver arrived in Ravenís Bluff
and became a twenty-four year old guild master of the
teamsterís guild. Why he left and became independent
after serving as guild master for only two years is
still known only to him and other guild members. What
is known is that he has quietly become the largest
independent merchant plying the trade routes between
Tantras, Ravenís Bluff, Hlintar and Calunt. It is said
his use of "Guilder" as a first name is some sort of
jab back at his former associates.

Kailen passes through Thall regularly, taking on fresh
supplies and mounts as well as hiring or releasing
locals who serve as guardsmen. He pays well, and is
said to have employed adventurers, especially on runs
to and from Hlintar.

His constant companion is Bert, his ogre bodyguard.
Bert is something of a local as well, as much because
of his business with Kailen as well as his
near-legendary wrestling and drinking contests with
Tiny, which once leveled nearly half the tavern and
laid waste to all the ale and spirits in the town.

Kailen is rarely seen without his rapier Opening
Proposal and his main-gauche The Fine Print. He and
Bert both favor jewelry, some of which is said to be
magical. Kailen also is an avid gambler, and when in
town often rolls dice and deals cards with Avery
Sinclair, squire to Lord Hestean, Arien Borthien, the
local jeweler Torin and Alark Mohair, as well as other
visiting merchants.