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Deornath the Right Hand


Deornath Ghoel was born the son of a limner in
Tantras. Both his parents were faithful members of the
church of Torm, and he too grew up strong in his
belief in the Lord of Duty. When he was able, he took
his vows and began his lengthy career serving Torm.
After three decades of crusading, battling first Bane
and then Cyric, and showing how duty to others is the
greatest deed a man can perform, he was rewarded with
the position as head priest at the newly built temple
in Thall. Glad to retire and still serve his church,
Deornath has since settled into his role as not only
spiritual leader of the city, but, as alderman, civic
leader as well. It is he who listens to complaints
after services, sees to the signing of deeds or
officiating during festivals, and deals with visiting
dignitaries. His burden would be greater if not for
the sincere cooperation between himself and the other
two aldermen, Miori and Oliver.

Still a barrel-chested man in his early 50ís, only a
few streaks of silver mark his this black hair.
Deornath rarely wears his purple tinted plate armor,
preferring simple robes of yellow and a lionís head
surcoat. He does, however, always wear A Willingness
to Serve, his mace of disruption.

Deornath Received his nickname The Right Hand during a
crusade against Zhentil Keep before the Time of
Troubles. During a battle, he watched the banner of
his Knight-Marshal fall. He rushed to the
Knight-Marshalís aid and fought off the servants of
Bane throughout the battle, never letting the standard
fall. When the battle was finally won, the mortally
wounded Knight Marshal asked young Deornath where the
banner was. "At your right hand, my lord," was his
reply. Without prompting, all other priests addressed
Deornath as "The Right Hand" for the remainder of the
campaign, saying only that Torm had deemed the title
appropriate for the cleric.