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Vaard the Barbarian


Like Thorpe, little is known about Vaard, other than
he has chosen to settle in Thall and is very good at
what he does, in this case, beat steel into useful
things like swords, shields and whatever else the
village needs. Not just the village weapon and armor
smith, Vaard also works with precious metals and does
some iron work, though he leaves most of the iron
mongering to Kelvin Stonesmite, the dwarven

What is known about Vaard is that he is the only man
in town who can look Bert in the eye, who can hold his
Ale with Tiny Rupert, and can pull any wagon out of
any rut. Standing seven feet tall, and built more like
a giant than a man, Vaard is all corded muscle. His
blonde hair and blue eyes mark his kinship to one of
the many barbarian tribes who wander the Vast and the
many mountain ranges within it.

Above the mantle of his forge lies Shieldbreaker, his
trusted great-axe. This massive weapon bears many
nicks and creases in its blade, a testament to its use
in battle. Though not the bragging sort, Vaard has the
head of many a creature on display as well, including
a remorazz, mind flayer, orog, and wyvern. All his
trophies share one thing - a universal look of