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For thirty years, Lui-Shan lived a quiet life as a cog
in the great bureaucratic machine that runs the nation
of Shou-Lung. He had few worries, loved his wife and
aspired to nothing but peaceful old age. Then the
Tungian Horde came. Torn from his home and family
because he possessed a rare gift in the East - the
ability to read, write and speak Western Common,
Lui-Shan became one of the many prisoners who marched
with the great Khan towards the West. 

He was there, and watched it all Ė conquest after
conquest, the final battles with a veritable army of
wizards raining spells, even the final battle between
King Azoun IV of Cormyr and the Khan. And when the
army was broken, and began to flee back East, he found
himself lost in a foreign land among alien people. But
a band of adventurers who wandered around trying to
assist the wounded and captive rescued him, and he
struck up a friendship with the bandís leader, Allan
Verhees. Incapable of making the long trip back to a
land which held only ghosts, and unwilling to try,
Lui-Shan followed Allan back to the Westernerís home.

That was over a decade ago. Now, Lui-Shan owns a
limnerís shop and press, and spends his day writing
poems about his home, and copying ledger books for
local and visiting merchants. His days are spent
tending his garden or sitting silently listening to
insects sing around his pond. He is often found at the
Druidís Grove, tending plants alongside Miori.