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Captain Allen Verhees


The biggest local hero, Allan Verhees was just the son
of a farmer, destined to be a farmer and have sons to
farm with. But one afternoon, just as he and his
family were finishing a day in the fields, a band of
goblins raided the homestead. Brandishing their grain
flails, pitch forks and hand axes, the Verhees clan
fought off the goblins. Allan was lucky enough to slay
the leader of the band, and in doing so claimed the
creatureís weapon, a spear. Though not magical, the
spear set off a spark inside Allan, and only days
later, he joined the next caravan out of town to seek
fortune and glory.

Ten years later, Allan returned with a great deal of
fortune and enough glory to last him his days. As part
of an adventuring company which fought up and down the
Dragonís Reach, Allan and his companions capped their
careers by fighting alongside the Cormyrian monarch
King Azoun IV against the Tungian Horde. With more
than his share of loot, and the recently freed captive
Lui-Shan in tow, Allan returned to home to retire. 

Unfortunately for him, old heroes donít retire, they
assume responsibility. For him, that meant organizing
and heading an official city guard for the first time
in the villageís 500 year history. With his moneys, he
funded the building of the permanent wooden walls and
towers, repair of the old Wizardís Tower to use as a
garrison, and helped pay for the new temple of Torm.
Now entering his fifth decade, he is a reflective man
who bears the responsibility of guarding his home
well. Though cautious around strangers, he is rarely
rude or difficult, and has an almost eerie way of
diffusing any potentially violent situation.