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Riordan Fire-Eyes


Riordan Fire-Eyes is named such because of the orange flecks  seen when gazing into his eyes.   He stands close to six feet tall with an athletic build.  He lets his shoulder blade length blonde hair hang free when out and about, but binds it with a leather thong when expecting trouble.  Riordan walks with the grace of a dancer, or practiced swordsman. 

For the most part, Riordan is known by Ravenian society as a wealthy noble's son tooling around the Vast spending his father's money.  He has a quick wit and rakish charm that has swept many noble women off their feet for an adventure of a different sort.  He counts many influential nobles his own age as friends.  As the old saying goes, "Women want him, men want to be him."

Riordan currently rents an apartment in Hengelhouse, in the tony Gowntown district.

What his well-heeled friends do not know is that Riordan is leader of a Cult of the Dragon cell based in Ravens Bluff.  Details are sketchy, but the Fellowship of the Grand Tankard tangled with Riordan and three of his men (Torig Bloodaxe, Justinian, and Trebain) after thwarting two Cult plans.   Riordan was believed drowned, but was seen by Delezar in the company of several riders deep in the Vast a month later.