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Adventure Timeline

Adventures will be placed in the appropriate month and referred to by their title.  Unless needed, specific days during the month will not be notated.  See the Adventure Log for specific adventure details.  I'll try to place IC events as they occur on the timeline.  If there is an event that I leave off, let me know.  Click here to check out the Realms calendar in full.

The Year of the Tankard - 1370DR

Late Ches "of the Sunsets" - Game begins

The Seven arrive in Thall.  

Events from "Vengeance from the Past" occur.

Asher takes a job with Lui Shan helping scribe books.

Collan accepts a two night a week gig playing at The Sheltering Stones.  

Tarsakh "of the Storms"

Quintus successfully gets Bleth a reduced sentence for his role in Old Ben's death.

Events from "Orc Attack!" occur.

Lord Hestean and the town aldermen announce that the Midsummer celebration will also honor the heroics of The Seven.  

Alipour Al-Malik writes to Lord Hestean with the idea of the "Wayfarer Knights."  He also begins ranging the countryside, looking for any evidence of humanoids gathering.

Delezar leaves Thall to travel the Vast on a mission from Miori.

Mirtul "The Melting"

Lady Shera accepts the position of Master at Arms for Lord Hestean of Thall.

Quintus begins ministering to the town and surrounding farms about the glories of Tymora.

Events from "Defense of Crayford" and "Pride of the Dragon" occur.

Alipour  begins training warhorses for Raethe and Lady Shera. 

Kythorn "Time of Flowers"

The fellowship pursue personal goals.

Flamerule "Summertide"

Alipour returns to Crayford to speak with the men there regarding the Wayfarer Knights.

Delezar returns to Thall.

Events of "The Hills Over Hlintar" occur.  

Raethe, Alipour, Delezar, and Thorpe Giantfoe return to the "tollbooth" and find that most of the forces have left.  The reason for that is unknown.


Events of "A Midsummer Festival's Theft" occur.

Eleasias "Highsun"

Bleth travels south and begins his penance with the Weeping Brotherhood, a sect comprised of priests of Ilmater.

Alipour's first warhorse finishes training.  The second horse has another month to go..

Events of "A Debt Paid.".

Lord Hestean calls a meeting, on Alipour's behalf, to discuss the Wayfarer Knights proposal.  Delezar, Collan, Offa, Alfred, and Lady Shera attend.  The idea is well received, with Offa and Alfred carrying word of it back to Crayford.  Alipour is charged with spreading the word during his travels.

Events of "Deception in Gentleman's Guise" take place.

Elient "The Fading"

Asher travels to the Keep of Spells to research and visit Oracle Simeon.

Raethe heads to Ravens Bluff to catch up on guild business.

At a dinner thrown by Hestean....Lord Hestean reveals a new source of income that will make it easier build the prominence of his house. Lady Shera proposes and receives approval to begin training five militia men in the skills of mounted combat.  Kenon is asked to be the magical advisor to House Hestean.

Alipour leaves the group and Thall to do a little soul searching in the wilderness.  He doesn't say when, or even if, he will return.

Quintus begins month number three of his preaching to the small hamlets near Thall.  Three people have heeded the call of Tymora and travel with him.

Alark spends the majority of this month preparing his shop for the Higharvestide celebration.

Delezar travels to Elfstower and then alone into the wilds of the Vast searching for clues regarding the origins of a Cormyrean campaign tent.

Collan leaves Thall and travels to Bambryn at the request of Lady Helena Throwerie.  He performs at a party thrown by her for her husband's fifty birthday.

Delezar stumbles upon Riordan Fire-eyes at a forgotten shipwreck and follows him several days north to a small hillock.  It is here that Riordan and the men with him disappear.

Asher travels to the Keep of Spells for research and a visit with Simeon.  While there, he has a vision showing him a large force of humanoids and a naked woman....the same woman Simeon saw in a vision a week before.

Lady Shera and Kenon attend a dinner with Lord Hestean.  Hestean reveals a new coat of arms for his growing House.  Shera has a vision relating more information on the mysterious Seven.


Events of "Beindold's Legacy" take place.

Raethe has a run in with an enemy of Collan while in Ravens Bluff.  He embarrasses the noble and his bodyguard.  A mysterious letter lands in his hand, but is then stolen by a burglar Raethe catches in his room.

Marpenoth "Leafall"

Conclusion of "Beindold's Legacy"

Quintus returns from his ministry and rejoins the fellowship.

The fellowship and friends meet at the Sheltering Stones to discuss the events of the previous month.

Delezar returns to Elfstower to learn more about his budding arcane  powers. 

In anticipation of the coming winter, the construction crews and non-essential personnel leave the Keep of Spells until spring.  A skeleton crew comprised of each member faith and the guards of the Black Lightening company will keep the compound running until winter ends.

Events of "The Mouth of Savras" take place.

Delezar leaves Elfstower to help the folk of Cornfaire establish a town militia.  He then travels to Hlintar to meet with Katrina Eveningbay, Judge Advocate of Cormyr.

The leadership of the Keep of Spells leaves for a conclave in Sembia.

Winter officially comes to the Vast the last week and  a half of the month with a very frigid artic storm.  It is agreed this is the earliest winter storm in memory.

Events of "Return of Riordan" take place the last week of the month.

Uktar "The Rotting"

Events of "Of Wolfish Gnomes and Dragons Freed" occur.

Delezar agrees to look into the Chaos Incident for Oracle Simeon at the Keep of Spells.

Lord Hestean and Squire Avery, recovered from their ordeal and leave the Keep of Spells for Thall.

Events of "The Living City" occur.

Lord Hestean and Avery return to Thall via a magical teleportation cast for them at the Keep of Spells.

Events of "Guild Intrigues" occur.

Preparations begin for the "Feast of the Moon," the last great festival of the year.

Feast of the Moon


Events of "?" occur.

Delezar travels from the Keep of Spells to Ravens Bluff to meet up with the Fellowship.

Events of "A Game of Murder" occur.

Delezar joins the Wizards Guild as an affiliate member and meets the wizard Arlon. 

Events of "Death on Red Wings" occur.

Delezar is taken to his meeting with the mysterious Warlord.

And thus the Year of the Tankard draws to a close.