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Forgotten Realms Calendar

Taken from "Grand Tour of the Realms."  The months are 30 days long and a holiday falls five times a year between the months.

Hammer "Deepwinter" = January

Midwinter = Holiday

Alturiak "The Claw of Winter" = February

Ches "of the Sunsets" = March

Tarsakh "of the Storms" = April

Greengrass = Holiday

Mirtul "The Melting" = May

Kythorn "Time of Flowers" = June

Flamerule "Summertide" = July

Midsummer = Holiday

Eleasias "Highsun" = August

Eleint "The Fading" = September

Higharvestide = Holiday

Marpenoth "Leafall" = October

Uktar "The Rotting" = November

The Feast of the Moon = Holiday

Nightal "The Drawing Down" = December

Realms Holidays

The holidays fall between the months.  Five are listed here.  The sixth, Shieldmeet, is not detailed.

Midwinter: Midwinter is known officially in Cormyr as the High Festival of Winter.  It is a feast where, traditionally, the local lords of the land plan the year ahead, make and renew alliances, and send gifts of goodwill.  The commonfolk refer to this as Deadwinter Day, the midpoint of the worst of the cold.

Greengrass:  Greengrass is the official beginning of spring, a day of relaxation.

Midsummer:  Midsummer, called Midsummer Night, or the Long Night, is a time of feasting and music and love.  It is very rare for the weather to be bad during this night, and such is considered a bad omen.

Higharvestide:  Higharvestide heralds the coming of fall and the harvest.  it is a feast that often continues for the length of the harvest so that food is always on hand for those coming in from the fields.

Feast of the Moon:  This festival is the last great festival of the year.  It marks the arrival of winter and is also a day when the dead are honored.