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The Wayfarer Knights


Basically the character would be a self-reliant, rural individual who is capable of noting the movements of the various threats to the people in the Vast and is willing to cooperate with others to bring about a better life by communicating this information. They are not expected to be great warriors, but should be able to defend themselves and help communities in their defense. They are expected to be able to support themselves through some skill other than simple "adventuring"; most would be hunters, foresters, and herdsmen (would draw heavily from the Expert ranks and from the more rare Rangers and Rogues), though Alfred of Crayford is an example of a carpenter who would probably fit these characteristics.

Charter of the Wayfarer Knights:

Above all else, the Wayfarer Knight's first obligation is to his community and family. To place the Order above these precious gifts is to use the Order for what it is not intended for.

1) To protect the good peoples of the Vast from the land's many dangers through observation of enemy activities, and dissemination of said information among brothers within the Order and the common and noble peoples of the Vast so that all might prepare to defend themselves in as best a manner as possible.
2) To promote the Order in deed and activity.
3) To create a land that is safe for the families and communities of the members of the Order to travel in freely, to work the land into a livelihood, and to be free of the evil and fear that plagues many of the people of Toril.

Forbidden Acts:
1) To withhold information that results in the loss of life, property, or freedom.
2) To cause harm to the protected peoples of the Vast.
3) To lie, steal, or cause harm to any brother in the Order.

Hit Dice: D8


Class Skills: Craft, Handle Animal, Hide, Intuit Direction, Knowledge (geography of the Vast), Listen, Move Silently, Profession, Spot, Wilderness Lore

Skill Points: 6

Class Features:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency:  

Level Attack Fort Ref Will
1          +1     +2    0    0
2          +2     +3    0    0
3          +3     +3  +1  +1
4          +4     +4  +1  +1
5          +5     +4  +1  +1

Special Abilities by level:

1st Level: Uncanny Tracking: Can subtract the character's PC level from the DC of a Tracking roll. This represents the growing ability of the character to track over the most unfavorable terrains and in the worst conditions with significantly less hindrance.

2nd Level: Local Hero: Can expect food and shelter (of modest means) for 1 day per (total level + CHA bonus) from rural communities of the Vast. The character can further divide the assistance to cover his companion's needs. For instance, if the character can expect 4 days of assistance, then he can ask for assistance for himself and a companion for two days. A character who does so is expected to return the favor either as a gift or a service then or at a later time. Neglecting to do so can affect how people later treat him.

3rd Level: Leadership Feat for free; all followers are within one alignment step of the character and are seeking to become Wayfarer Knights themselves. If the character is ever banished from the Order, then chances are he will lose his followers.

5th Level: Trail Mastery: The character can, after studying a set of trails for no less than an hour, attempt a Knowledge (geography of the Vast) check vs. DC 25 to determine where the tracks are coming from and where they are going. Each requires a separate check and does not allow the character to take 10 or 20. This is a supernatural ability and many believe that either the spirits of the land or the gods themselves guide their intuitions.