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The Town of Bambryn

A unique village in the Vast, Bambryn is less a community and more a collection of grand manses and sprawling estates. Though there is a town square and a small number of typical village buildings, the true nature of Bambryn are the 40 or so estates which lie within five miles or so of the town center.

The town center is dominated by three large buildings.

1)  The Pillar of Justice, a temple to Tyr, also serves as the town courthouse, barracks and jail. It is led by Wexlun (Male Human Pal8) and Methus (Male Human Clr5/Ftr2) and their five watchmen (Male Human War3).  All are strict followers of Tyr, and serve any who ask for assistance.

2)  The House That Glitters is the renovated temple to Waukeen. It is led by Lady Portia (Female Human Ari4/Clr3) and her eight acolytes (Human Clr1). The temple also serves as a storehouse of business records and such. It was once a temple to Tymora, but was consecrated as a temple to Waukeen twenty years ago for a forgotten reason.

3)  The Flaming Axe Inn and Tavern is the only place travelers may stay at in Bambryn. The inn is owned by Deala (Female Human Com2; Profession Innkeeper +8), but most deal with her son Aiden (Male Human Com1; Profession Innkeeper +6). Rates are 5gp per night for a room, or 10gp per night for a suite.

New to the town is an Auroras Whole Realms Store, which opened in the cottage of a former resident of the town. The store is operated by Alena Morgavi (Female Human Ftr2/Rog2), a native Waterdhavian who has moved to the Vast along with the store.

Other shops in the town center include a pantry and bakery, a blacksmith, a wheel-wright, a cobbler, and general store.

But if one really wishes to shop around Bambryn, one must travel to one of the estates. Each estate owner has a particular specialty they deal in, as most are either merchants or retired adventures turned collectors. For example, one does not go to the general store to purchase a weapon, they ask if they can view the collection of Garon Lockhart. Some notable estate owners include:

The aforementioned Garon Lockhart (Male Human Ari6/Wiz1). An aristocrat who dabbled in magic, he found a magical short sword on one of his few adventures. Since then, he has become fascinated with all types of weapons and collects and sells blades from far and wide.

The elven brothers Cale and Cole Aewenre (Male Elven Wiz9/Ftr2 and Wiz8/Rog3). The twin brothers have a pair of towers nestled among some of the largest trees in the area on an estate whose cultivated wildness is considered beautiful, and their flower gardens are the village's finest. They manufacture perfumes and fragrant oils, as well as the potion or two.

Kerowyn Hucrele (Female Human Ari4) is the breeder of the finest horses in the region. Her stables not only trains horses for riding and war, but for performance as well.

Lassas (Male Human Ari2) is the new money in town. He made his fortune on a series of transactions buying and selling items from Kara-Tur, making a huge profit in the mark up. Now he has his own trading house which specializes in such Eastern rarities as silk and jade.

Orem (Male Centaur) has the finest collection of wines and spirits in the Vast. His vineyards yield a grape that is sweet and fragrant without being overpowering.

contributed by chad flisowski