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Tavern and Inn Prices


The Troll's Head Inn

Rates are 1sp per night in the commons room, 1gp per
night for a room and 5gp per night for a suite. 
A typical breakfast/brunch costs 3cp and includes milk
or buttermilk, wheat bread with apricot or apple jam,
mashed eggs, bacon and porridge. A typical lunch is
5cp and is simply cold cuts of meat, some hard
cheeses, wheat bread and perhaps a cold vegetable
dish, such as a cabbage or potato gulash. Typical
evening fare costs 2sp and includes roast pig or
chicken, fried potatoes, stewed carrots or tomatoes,
rye bread, and cream cheese. For 2gp, the kitchen will
prepare a feast of roast pheasant, twice-baked
potatoes, stewed greens, and apple cobbler. 
Drinks include ale by the glass for 1sp, a mug of
spiced cider for 3sp, bach beer by the mug for 5sp and
table wine at 3gp per bottle. The most expensive drink
in the inn is a bottle of Arabellan Dry, from Cormyr,
fetching 20gp per bottle.

The Sheltering Stones

This tavern can hold over 100, and serves only drinks and a bowl of hot stew which costs 1sp. Drink prices are similar to those at the Inn. For 1cp, a drunkard can pass out at his table and sleep his night away in peace. Those who do not pay
will find their purse is lighter 1cp in the morning.
Those unable to pay sleep in the comfort of the street

The Whispering Bough

Commendations and rates depend on which of the 14 rooms are being used, but range from 5gp to 50gp a tenday. All rates include a brunch of jams and bread, pastries, coffee and juices.