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"Pride of the Dragon"


Session date - October 7, 2000

 DM - Chris

Synopsis - The Seven see a mighty spell battle one night on the road back to Thall.  Investigating, they find an injured bronze dragon, Arielynstra, and several dead adventurers.  The dragon tells them that one of the adventurers, a mage, stole her eggs.  After interrogating the sole survivor and finding a few clues, the Seven heads to Calaunt to recover the eggs.  They find Jarl, the mage who stole the eggs, and tail him to the handoff at the Four Costers Trading Consortium.  Kenon, Raethe, and Asher attend an auction of the eggs at the Costers warehouse.  They learn the buyer is a member of the Cult of the Dragon.  That night finds them getting a spell scroll from Jarl to help heal the dragon and recovering the eggs from the cultist.  Jarl and the cultist, Pierren, are both killed.  The dragon is cured and her eggs returned.

Experience Award - 1775

Roleplayer of the Week Award, Mike - 300

Quote of the Week Award, Ransom - 100