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Session date:  September 30, 2000

DM:  Jeremy

Synopsis:  The Seven are hired by Fletcher the Sorcerer, from the small hamlet of Crayford many miles to the north, to help them with a goblinoid problem.  After a skirmish with goblin scouts, the group sets a trap on the goblins entry route.  The goblins do not fall for it, so the group changes tactics.  The goblins are allowed to enter the town and the defense centers around the great hall.  The goblinoid force is repelled after a lengthy fight.  The following day the Seven journey along the goblin's trail to find their encampment.  The camp is found and the group parlays with the leader, a man wearing a corrupted symbol of Silvanus.  The druid says he will leave the area if the heroes defeat his champion, a large giant.  The fight is tough, but the heroes prevail and the giant falls.  The heroes return the stolen wealth of the town and leave for Thall.

Experience award:  1450

Roleplaying award:  100 to Kevin K

Quote of the week award:  100 to Brian