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"The Living City"


Session date: 01/27/01

DM: Chris

Characters participating: Asher, Quintus, Arya, Quillathe, Alark, Strom, Raethe, and Lady Shera.


1)  The fellowship arrives in Ravens Bluff and procures lodging at Sundersides.   Raethe leaves to meet with Martin, his Silent Network contact, while Strom heads over to see the good aligned drow temple.  

2)  Using information gained from Martin, the fellowship makes an appointment to see Lady Fleetwood regarding the Game invitation.  It is set for three days hence.  Asher uses this time to check out the Seeker's Guild and gain himself an invitation to the next meeting.  Alark meets with Galen, a representative of a local trading house, to look into trading goods with them. Various other group members go shopping for fine clothes for the appointment with Lady Fleetwood.

3)  Lady Fleetwood agrees to give the party an invitation, provided they help her with a problem.  She has reason to believe the Storm Dragon House is trafficking in slaves.  She recently found a young elf, Quillathe, who had escaped from the slaver's clutches.  Quillathe enters and tells her story.  In a nutshell, she grew up at the local orphanage and stayed to help after she became old enough.  One day she was asked to accompany three young adoptees to their  new home and help them settle in.  Upon entering the carriage, she was hooded and spirited into the sewer system underneath Ravens Bluff.  She escaped and is now eager to help free the other children.  The fellowship agrees to help.

4)  First stop is the orphanage.  Quillathe stays outside with Shera while the rest enter.  A drow male by the name of Dusk greets them.  The most noticeable thing about him is that he won't look Arya in the eyes.  They learn that the orphanage is woefully understaffed and records are only haphazardly kept.  Raethe and Quintus decide to search the records and see who adopted those kids when Quillathe was captured.  Arya takes a tour of the facilities with Dusk while Alark plays with the kids, subtly questioning them about the orphanage.  Arya finds out that drow society is ruled by females, thus explaining Dusk's reaction to her.  Raethe finds an address for the adopters and the fellowship sets out.

5)  The address is a dead end.  An old, lonely man lives there.  Quintus takes note to visit the man's children to find out why they don't' visit.

6)  Next stop was the sewer grate that Quillathe came onto the street from.  They descend underground and quickly find themselves in a section of the old dwarven ruins that spread under Ravens Bluff.  After setting off and bypassing several "new" traps, the group finds a room with voices behind the door.  They peek through the keyhole and find themselves witness to a slave auction.  They burst in and the fight is on.  Quillathe attempts to free the kids while the rest of the group fights.  Many of the customers try to flee, but only a few succeed.  The ringleader does escape through a side door, but a cloak pin is found left behind.  It bears the symbol of the Storm Dragon House.  The fellowship returns the kids to the surface and calls the watch.  They turn over the evidence to Captain Morann.

6)  Lady Fleetwood rewards the fellowship's efforts with an invitation and a personal boon.  Quillathe states her intentions to stay with the group, if they would have her.  They agree.

Experience Award: 2100

Role-player of the Week: Brian, 400

Quote of the Week: Keith, 100