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"Of Wolf and Gnome"


Session date: 01/12/01

DM: Chris

Players in attendance: Joan, Ransom, Mike, Keith, Chad, and Brian.


DM's Note:  Due to the amount of time since I ran the adventure, I'm just going to summarize the major points.  From this point forward, all future synopsis' will take this form.

1)  The fellowship questions Riordan on his involvement with the Cult of the Dragon and possible collusion with the elusive Warlord.  Through magical means, they force him to answer several key questions:  the number of dragons helping the Warlord (3), the rough location of the Secret Vale (north of Calaunt, across the river in the mountains), and the relative age of the dragons in question (older).  Delezar makes a deal to secure Riordan's freedom in exchange for a meeting with the Warlord.  Riordan says he can make the request, the time and place of the meeting is left to the Warlord.

2)  Alark manifests his lycanthropic nature on the first night of the full moon.  The fellowship, along with the keep guards, track him down and manage to subdue him.  He is locked in an underground storeroom until the High Pontiff of Leira can take a look at him.  The High Pontiff of the Mists agrees to cure him in exchange for the fellowship procuring her an invitation to the Game of Masks in Ravens Bluff.

3)  A nameless wizard appears in the keep courtyard demanding to speak with the fellowship.  They learn he has arrived to barter for Riordan's freedom.  He reveals that Lord Hestean and Squire Avery have been captured and offers them as a trade.  The fellowship agrees and a meet is set for sundown.

4)  The High Priestess informs the fellowship that a certain herb is needed to help the gnome overcome his affliction.  The druid Delezar leads them high into the mountains to find it.  Along the way, the group fights a band of ettins.

5)  The trade of prisoners is done.  Riordan leaves with a smile on his lips.  Lord Hestean and Avery are covered with a contact poison, but Arya notices it just in time.  They are cleaned off and brought inside to recuperate.