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"Return of Riordan"


Session date: 01/06/01

DM: Chris

Characters participating in story: Raethe, Asher, Quintus, Alark, Lady Shera, and Arya

Synopsis:  The characters emerge from the fallen temple of Savras two days after entering.  A member of the Red Cloaks, Arya, is waiting for them and approaches to speak.  After hearing her story of the Red Cloaks possibly being under an enchantment to get the relic at all costs, and that of the ambush a day out of Sendrin, the fellowship retires to the inn to plot.  They hatch a plan that sends Strom and Quintus on the road to Thall to fool the ambushers and the rest of the fellowship, plus the newly joined Arya, to Calaunt.  From Calaunt, they hired a ship to take them to Ravens Bluff.    

Leaving the City of Adventurers in a driving snowstorm and talk of "the earliest winter storm in years," they trek towards the Keep of Spells to return the relic of Savras.   The second night out the fellowship is attacked by a pack of wolves.  The fight is tough, but the group prevails.  Talk afterwards centers on the leader of the pack, who proved immune to the swords of the group.  

The next day found the group arriving in Sarbadeen and taking rooms in the only inn.  The mountain pass has shut down for the winter, so the inn is empty save a few hearty townsfolk.  After a night of drinking and sharing tales with the townsfolk, the fellowship moves on towards the Keep of Spells. 

Arriving at the gatehouse for the trail leading to the Keep, the fellowship finds everything deathly quiet.  Smoke rises from the gate tower, but no guards greet the group.  Arya and Raethe split up and begin to circle through the woods towards the tower.  Asher led the rest of the group forward slowly.  Arya is surprised by a man that steps from behind a tree near her and holds a sword to her throat.  At that moment, Raethe hears the sound of bowstrings being tightened.  He turns invisible as Riordan Fire-Eyes and Torig Bloodaxe step from the tower and demand the relic.  After a short exchange, the fellowship attacks.  The fight is bloody.  The fellowship is pinned by the archers in the tower and held by the fighting prowess of the deadly Riordan and Torig.  The tide turns, however, as Raethe takes out the archers almost single handedly and Lady Shera fells the dwarf.  Asher's Wall of Ooze also acts to help the fellowship.  In the end, Riordan brought several group members low, but surrendered when the odds turned against him. 

 Two wizards from the Keep arrived after seeing the Wall of Ooze while scrying the area.  Riordan is magically whisked to the Keep and put under guard while the fellowship is healed.  The  adventure ends with the relic safely in the hands of the faithful of Savras.


Experience Award: 3200

Role-Playing Award: 300, Shay

Quote of the Week: 100, Shay