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Rumor Archive

Several graves in the town have been disturbed in the past two weeks.  Some say it's the work of "mischief making kids" while others point to darker causes.  This rumor can be heard at the Sheltering Stones, the Troll's Head Inn, or from any elderly person with too much free time.

Drow have reportedly been seen on the streets of Calaunt at night.  Some say that the rulership of that city has entered into a secret alliance with the dark elves.  This rumor can be heard at the Sheltering Stones or Troll's Head.  It was carried into town by the first caravan to enter this season.

Bleth was really communing with an evil nature spirit out in the woods.  That was what drove him to kill Old Ben.  This rumor can be heard in The Troll's Head Inn.

Miori is reportedly nursing an unconscious man found outside the town yesterday back to health in her grove.  His identity is as of yet unknown, but he does seem "foreign."  Guesses as to who he is so far have run the gamut from "sylvan lover returned to take Miori back to the forest" to "a thief who braved the roads alone fleeing justice in a foreign land."  This rumor can be heard at The Sheltering Stones.

Word has it that after an embarrassing confrontation with a newly arrived priest of Tymora, Bleth has fallen deeper into the bottle.  One a side note to this rumor, a couple of people have noticed Bleth spending a lot more time away from the tannery and out in the woods.  A local ranger saw Bleth about a mile from town two nights past, looking as if he was talking to himself.  When approached, Bleth mumbled that he was "just taking a walk" and proceeded back into town.  Many of his friends are worried about him.  This rumor can be heard from any friend of Bleth and at the tannery.

1)  Akeen, Deornath's acolyte, is overheard at The Sheltering Stones telling a friend that the Temple of Torm's Coming is sending a high priest to oversee a records inspection at the temple.  This rumor can only be heard at The Sheltering Stones.

2)   Thorpe Giantfoe has brought word back from the Grislick Hills that the Black Nail orc tribe is on the move.  They seem to have joined forces with a goblin tribe and are endeavoring to create a joint encampment not too far from Thall.  Some speculate that the attack on the town was done to intimidate the citizens of Thall.  This rumor can be heard anywhere townspeople gather.

3)    A small stand of sickly looking shrubs was found near Miori's grove a few days after the orc attack.   The shrubs are only about a foot high, but are leafless and appear dead.  They were found by the druidress' apprentice, Delezar.  Miori is unsure as to the nature of these quick growing, albeit dead looking, shrubs.  This rumor can be heard only through Delezar.

4)    A local would-be ranger, Ulren, came back into town late one night with a strange tale.  He supposedly ran across a group of cloaked and cowled strangers deep in the woods.  Involved in some sort of ritual, he spied on them for a few minutes before escaping unnoticed.  He related his story to Thorpe Giantfoe, who replied that they were a group of Shadow Druids and to "leave them the Nine Hells alone."  This rumor can be heard at Vaard's smithy as well as The Sheltering Stones and The Troll's Head.

5) Lord Hestean will offer the winner of the Grand Melee a position in his household.  The nature of the position is not known, but it is assumed to be a martial one.

6) Hlintar - The council has passed a mandatory conscription law for all men and women of ages 16 to 18 that live in the claimed territories of the city. This will take affect immediately and service will be for 2 years for those 16 and 17, 1 year for those 18 years of age. For the price of 100gp (roughly average cost to hire a mercenary for 1 year), the conscripted can pay to reduce the term by 1 year.

7) A number of changes are taking place quickly in Hlintar (the law is one example) and people are pointing to a retired adventurer by the name of Councilman Briaroak as the cause. He is more militant minded than the others and has gained a great reputation among the young heroes of the town (the ten young guards that stormed the hill). 

1) Traveling merchants have reported the roads around the Vast fairly quiet.  No instances of humanoid attacks are heard of.  One caravan does bring word of a brigand band working the roads between Tantras and Ravens Bluff.  The group tries to avoid violence when possible, but doesn't hesitate to cut down someone who draws steel against them.

2) Several outlying farms have reported livestock and other goods missing from fields and barns in the last three weeks.  At several farms, humanoid tracks were found.  

3) A woman was seen descending from the sky over the town of Orlimmin.  She bought a horse and provisions and quickly struck south.

4) Hlintar - Rumors of a vote of no confidence to remove the current Prince Cambridge abound, but speculations run wild as to who would take his position.

Related News in Thall: A well-armed mercenary group numbering at least five score, comprised of light horse, heavy infantry and archers, passes through Thall on their way south.  The leader of the group, a man calling himself Vyran, would only say that the Company of the Ebon Blade was hired to defend the area around Hlintar from any future humanoid attacks.  The town was also abuzz with talk that two rather polite Red Wizards of Thay were among the black garbed soldiers.
Newsflash #2:  The arrival of a mercenary group has once again solidified Master Merchant Cambridge's position in Hlintar.  It is uncertain if this reversal in opinion from the Council of Eight is due to renewed confidence in Cambridge or out of fear of the strength of his mercenary army.  Councilman Briaroak, a retired adventurer turned horse rancher, was said to be outraged at the presence of the mercenary army and the mages, stating that he refused to be intimidated by Cambridge.
Newsflash #3: Following a large soirée' at the Cambridge's estate, the Master Merchant was found dead in his bath.  A cursory investigation failed to discover any evidence pointing to foul play.  However, the body disappeared before a magical inquisition could be conducted.  While something of this nature may be cause for alarm in other communities, this is passed off as "business as usual" in Hlintar.
Newsflash #4: Councilman Briaroak, being the most influential of the Council of Eight, has taken over the mantle of Master Merchant of Hlintar.  Further, Briaroak has elected to keep the mercenaries (and the Red Wizards for that matter) on the payroll, even though not more than two weeks ago he railed at their presence in the town.  He has also made arrangements to move his family into the Master Merchant's Estate.
Newsflash #5: Hlintar is once again experiencing a "problem" with ghouls, to the point that merchants are avoiding the town whenever possible.  The presence of the mercenaries has so far been able to curb most depredations, but it is only a matter of time before this cunning species of undead figures out how to exploit any weaknesses in the town's defenses.  Needless to say, most people of Thall do not have too much sympathy for their sister town.