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Storm Dragon House implicated in slave trade

Mortonbrace - City Watch officials revealed today that the Storm Dragon House, a secretive trading group dealing in all manner of goods, was implicated in selling orphans from the catacombs underneath the city.  

"We've (City Watch) been watching this group for quite awhile but have been unable to produce any hard evidence that they were trafficking in illicit goods.  Luckily, that adventuring group managed to break the case for us," said Rolf "Sunny" Sunriver, Chief Constable of the Watch.

The adventurers in question have been identified as The Fellowship of the Grand Tankard.  Information on them is sketchy at this point.  What is known is that the group is relatively new to the Bluff and hails from the small town of Thall.

Chief Sunriver went on to say that warrants were served early this morning at the Storm Dragon headquarters to search for further evidence.  When contacted, representatives for the trading house expressed their desire to cooperate with the authorities on this matter and see it quickly resolved.

"We do not participate in slavery, nor do we condone the act of trading in slaves," said Housetaler Elgrith Orinthalas, "we will work with the city authorities to find who is responsible, whether in our organization or without, and put this matter to rest."

New Selune

Today's Forecast

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Game of Masks theme announced

Holyhouses - Lady Illyth Fleetwood held a press conference late yesterday to announce the theme of the Game of Masks.  

"The theme for the  Game this year  is Right to Rule," said Lady Illyth.

She went on to say that invitations would be going out within the week by special courier.  Unlike most Games, the last one of every year is by invitation only.  This last Game spans from the Feast of the Moon to the New Year.  Normally the rich and powerful are invited, with other invitations going to those that might add a little spice to the proceedings.  Invitations are kept secret until mailed.


Investigation ongoing in Magic Shoppe blast

Swordspoint - Members of the Ministry of Art are still investigating the source of the magical blast that leveled Chemcheaux Magic Shoppe for the Discriminating early last week.  

Sources within the Ministry revealed that it is believed that the owner, Mortimer, died within the blast.  He was at first thought out of town, but divination magics have revealed that he was in the shop at the time of the explosion.  

Terlaine the Angry, founder of the adventuring company Angry's Men, led a small protest outside the Wizard's Guild building on Monday.  He believes that the Wizard's Guild destroyed the shop after repeated attempts to blackmail Mortimer into closing.  Guild officials could not be reached for comment. 


Letters to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the repeated accusations that Terlaine the Angry is publicly making regarding the destruction of Chemcheaux.  It is ludicrous to believe that the Wizard's Guild, a fine upstanding organization devoted to scholarly pursuits would have anything to do with something so base.  He states that he "knows" and "has evidence" of the guild's involvement, but where is it?  Terlaine can't tell us because such evidence doesn't exist.  This is all a ploy to get back at the guild for being kicked out several years ago.  Terlaine, grow up!

            - Ulaglen, Member of the Outer Circle of Invocation


Dear Editor,

Kudos on your coverage of the latest play by Master Thespian Beatrice Weatherspoon.  Her command of the word and art is unparallel in our fine city.  I heartily recommend that if you haven't seen "One Night at the Harbor," make all haste to the Playhouse to catch a performance before it closes. 

                - Jolyn Frieze