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Points of Interest


Points of Interest

Thall may be an out of the way village, but its corner
of the Vast is home to more than the village. There
are several points of interest around the village.

West of the village, along the coast, is the
Lighthouse, known as Elf’s Watch Tower. This tall,
graceful spire has provided light to the mariners of
the Dragon’s Reach for nearly a millennium, and is
currently home to the high elf Talin Khourane, who
maintains a reclusive vigil over the tower.

To the southeast, in the southern most tip of the
Grislick Hills, lies the Redoubt. This fortress is
home to the nearly 200 members of the Stonesmite clan,
as well as lone members of other clans. The fortress
is built in the side of a the tallest hill, Lodestone
Peak, and merges with the rock in several places.
East of the Redoubt are the other mines owned by the
Stonesmite clan, known as the Dragon Mines. These are
located among the taller peaks which dominate the
coast. Mining operations here are conducted on a
semi-permanent basis, with teams of miners working one
season there and then either taking a season off or
returning to the Redoubt. The teams of miners here are
not exclusively dwarven, with humans, gnomes,
half-elves and even half-orcs gleaning the riches of
the ground.

To the east lies the Grislick Hills, which separate
Thall from Hlintar. The hills are home to many dangers,
such as goblins, orcs, ogres and even some verbeeg.
Among these, the Black Nail tribe of orcs is counted
the most numerous and dangerous.

To the northwest lies the ruins of a monastery of
Illmaeter. The name of the monastery has been
forgotten, and its fate is known only to scholars and
legends. It is said priests of Malar destroyed to
temple to revenge a previous slight, only to later
fall to a combined host of faithful of Tyr, Torm and

Also to the north lies the only sizable forest, the
Elvenmeres. Once a swampy expanse with tall cypresses,
only a small lake remains and the forest has become
dominated by oaks, aspens and pines. It is no
different than most forests throughout Faerun,
containing both danger and respite.