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The Fellowship


Alark Mohair

Roguish gnome jeweler turned adventurer.

Quintus Goldwynn

Priest of Tymora, the Lady of Luck.


Elven rogue orphan turned adventurer


Friends of the Fellowship

Collan Rosvenir

Bard searching for the perfect tale.

Delezar the Initiate

Druid learning the ways of Nature under Miori.

Fletcher Greene

Sorcerer from the Vast's edge.


Fallen in Battle

Asher Crystaltree

Monk dedicated to the teachings of Savras.


Rogue hailing from the Living City.

Lady Shera Gulderhorn

Paladin in a noblewoman's guise.


Stealthy ranger from Cormyr

Fletcher Greene

Sorcerer from the Vast's edge.


Departed Members

Alipour al Malik

Ranger from the mysterious lands of Zhakara.

Kenon Ryltal

Wizard fleeing his evil homeland.

Strom of Torm

Half-orc Priest of Torm dedicated to right.