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From July 26, 2000

Fellow Gamers,

Well, the last AD&D game is almost upon us.  Just think, after over ten years, we'll get to retire our taped up PHB's, class handbooks, and ye olde Monsterous Manual.  It will all be replaced in our game bags by shiny new books with no cracks in the binding.  As much as I'll miss all of that, I'm really looking forward to the new edition.  I think the changes we've heard of and what we'll soon see will take the game to that next level, pardon the pun.

I've had a lot of fun working on the last AD&D game this past week.  I think everyone will enjoy it.  At least I hope you all will.  There will be something for each of you!

See ya Saturday!

The DM


From July 21, 2000

Fellow Gamers,

Let me thank Mike again for creating the 3E discussion forum.  

As you can see, I posted the new updated 3E dates above.  After the game begins, I'll move the game schedule to the DM's Notebook section of the page.  Hopefully the new dates will be agreeable to all.  If they aren't, then tough.  Oh, wait, I guess as DM I also have to be sympathetic to my players problems.  Let me rephrase that.  If the above dates aren't agreeable, then let me know.  I won't change them, but I will be sympathetic when I say "Tough."

That's all for now!

The DM


From July 17, 2000

Fellow Gamers,

Well, the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords has come to a close.  I think we all learned a few things from that module.  Let me list the top five things I took away from it:

5)  Terdu ryhming with Hairdo lessens the impact of the villian.

4)  Planar Paladins with green steel Holy Avenger swords at high level can really kick ass.  

3)  Wallace on speed potions and a potion of storm giant strength kicks more ass.  Can anyone say 142 points of damage in one round?

2)  Goblins are ugly.  Goblin chicks are uglier.  A goblin chick that turns into a dwarf is just plain frightning.

And the number one thing I took away from Axe of the Dwarvish Lords......

There is truly a spell for everything.  No exceptions.

There will be one last adventure with our high level characters.  Andros, otherwise known as Ass-wulf, has announced his marriage to Anora.  What, you say?  It seems that a marriage of politics is more important than a marriage of love and thus the two are marrying.  We all know that a wedding in AD&D always has some excitement, and a marriage of two adventurers will serve perfectly as the capstone to our beloved characters adventuring careers.  I don't have an exact date for the last game yet, but more than likely it will be this month.  I'll post the date soon.

That's all for now.

The DM.


From July 15, 2000

Well, the release time for the new 3E Players Handbook draws near.  A lot of work has been accomplished getting ready for the new game, but alot more has yet to be done.  I'd like to thank each of you who have contributed to the site so far.  I think we have a lot of interesting stuff here and more will be added. 

The scheduled date for the first 3E game is August 26 at 7:30.  The character creation date is tentativily scheduled for August 12 at 7:30.  I'll notify you guys via this area if this changes.

That's it for now.  Keep the good work coming!

The DM