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Magical Items of Note

Mauler's Arm - This mace was created almost two hundred years ago by a warrior chief of the Vast named Pelottka. Due to his advanced age, Pelottka knew that he did not have much longer as chief of his clan. His son, Marklann, would take his place after he stepped down. Marklann did not share his father's physical build and Pelottka feared that his son would be killed in a leadership challenge once he died. Pelottka commissioned a great blacksmith to forge Mauler's Arm. The blacksmith created a fine mace that had no equal in the clan. Pelottka called on the gods to bless the mace with the power of his own arms. The gods complied and Pelottka lost the use of his arms. He then gifted Marklann with the mace and stepped down from the position of chief. He lived long enough to see Marklann smite two challengers to the position of chief and cement his rule.

This is a +1 Mace and confers the wielder with an 18 STR for the purposes of attack and damage bonuses. The 18 STR is not gained unless the wielder actually holds the mace in his hand. Whenever it leaves his hand, the 18 STR is lost until the next time he wields it.

This magical weapon is held by Quintus.


Stonesmite - This axe was created by the wizard Iagglash. He was feuding with a small temple in the forest not far from his tower and needed a weapon that would break the stone guardians that the priests used there. After the axe was made, he gave it to a stone minotaur that he created and sent it to destroy the protectors of the temple and hold the temple grounds until he arrived. The minotaur accomplished his task. He destroyed the stone golems that guarded the healing waters of the temple and also killed the ten priests inside. Then he took a position within the entry hall of the temple to protect it until his wizard arrived. Iagglash never came and the stone minotaur stayed inactive until a group of adventurers, the Seven, arrived to get a flask of the healing waters and killed him.

This is a +1 Battle Axe, +3 versus creations of stone. Once per day the Axe can be called on to deliver a mighty blow that automatically scores a critical hit on the next strike when fighting a stone creation.

This magical weapon is held by Lady Shera.


Dragon's Bane - This is a relatively new item, as it was created only thirty years ago. The wizard Wensel created the spear at the behest of Sir Laurence Dragonfoe, a famous dragon hunter from Tantras. Sir Laurence gained his Dragonfoe surname after a red dragon killed his mother and father in 1340DR. They were returning from a visit to Hlintar where relatives live and attacked on the road. Sir Laurence left Tantras the day after getting the news and tracked the dragon back to his lair. A fierce battle ensued and Sir Laurence came out the victor. He cried an oath to the gods that no evil dragon would rest in the Vast while he still walked the land. Knowing that he would need more specialized weapons to fight older dragons, Sir Laurence approached Wensel, a boyhood friend, to create a magical spear. He used the spear and hunted evil dragons throughout the Vast until a Cult of the Dragon cell took revenge on him. The ambushed him outside his home and doused his legs with Black Dragon acid, rendering them useless. They stole his spear and his special bracers and left him in the street to die. His will was such that he lived, but the best clerics in Tantras were unable to help him walk again. He spends his days know gazing out his parlor window, reliving past battles.

Dragon's Bane is a +1 Longspear, +3 versus dragonkind.

Dragon's Bane Bracers - Wensel gifted Sir Laurence with a second item a year after his crusade began. Concerned that Sir Laurence didn't wear heavy armor, he said it made him too noisy, Wensel set out to create an alternative for him. The result was Dragon's Bane Bracers. Worn on the arms, the conferred the advantage of armor without the weight or noise. Sir Laurence lost this item, along with the spear, during an attack by the Cult of the Dragon.

These are Bracers of Armor +3, with the protection raised to +4 against dragon attacks.

Both of these items are currently held by the Seven but plan on returning them to the owner in Tantras.