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Game Mechanic


1) The optional Critical Miss rule has been adopted.  Whenever a 1 is rolled on attack, a DEX check is made against DC10.  If the DEX check fails, then the attack is "fumbled," with the exact results left up to the DM.


2) The optional monster summoning rule, page 96 DMG, has been adopted.


3) On the subject of new characters...

  A)  A new character brought in due to the previous player character's death during an adventure begins play at the previous character's level.

  B)  A new character brought in for any other reason begins play at the party's average level minus two.  For example, the player decides that Bob the Fighter is boring and wants to bring in a new character.  The party average level is fifth, so the player's new character would begin at third. 

Any character brought into the game is subject to DM's approval.


4)  Since the group has guest DM's on occasion, the following rule was put in effect to help govern the distribution of magic items by said DM's:

  A)  Guest DM's may give out weapons and armor with "pluses" totaling no more than the party average level divided by 3.  Special abilities for said items are now treated as "plus" equivalents in the DMG, so refer to the appropriate chart.

  B)  Items over 5000 gold pieces in value should be cleared with the main DM before being given out during an adventure.  The method in which the characters get the item does not need to be revealed, just the item itself.  This is to help keep unbalancing items out of play.


NEW !  5) Due to the cheapness of "spells for hire" in 3E, the following surcharges will apply:

 +100 gp Non-guild member / Non-faith member fee

+5 gp Guild house / Temple Fee

 +5 gp City tax 

 +100 Unknown recipient fee

These are in addition to the spellcasting by NPC's rule found on page 149 of the DMG