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**Untrained: Yes
**Key Attribute: Wisdom
**Class Skill: Bard, Fighter, Rogue

Synergy Options:
**A character with 5 or more ranks in Sense Motive gains a +2 synergy bonus to Gambling rolls when the situation warrants it (card game probably so, dice game probably not)
**A character with 5 or more ranks in Bluff gains a +2 synergy bonus to Gambling rolls in situations similar to those mentioned above.

A character can attempt to stack the odds in his favor by cheating using his Pick Pocket skill.
**The character rolls once per attempt against a Spot check of everyone at the table. If he succeeds, he may use the difference in his roll and the highest opposing roll as a bonus to his Gamble roll.
**For instance, the Cheater rolls a 20 and is opposed by two men, one who rolls a 12 and the other 16. He succeeded in cheating, and the difference between his roll and the highest spot roll is 4. So he gets to add 4 to his upcoming Gamble roll as a circumstance bonus.
**Failure to cheat successfully generally means at least one of the character's opponents caught him in the act...and he had better hope he has a few levels of Fighter to back him up.

The Professional:
**Not all pots are huge, most have enough coin available to get by on. A character can use the Gambling skill in a manner similar to the Profession skill to generate income.
**If the character rolls a "1", he has run into a string of bad luck, or one really bad event. In either case, the character losses D100% of his coins. How this happens is up to the Dm, but muggings and pick pockets are just as common as bad luck in gambling circles.
**Bare in mind smaller towns are unable to or are unwilling to support a professional gambler for long periods of time. After a while people grow weary of losing their purses and the gambler finds that games are not available to him any longer.