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Experience Awards


After much thought, I am going to use the following guidelines in experience awards for any games that I run.

1)  Mission Goal Award - This is the amount given to each player for completing the goal(s) of the adventure.  

2)  Foe Award - This is the award given for all foes killed or bested.  In most cases it is divided evenly among the players.  There will be occasions where a player character wins in a significant, single, combat.  In this case, that player will receive the entire award for that monster.  

3)  Best Role-playing Award - This reward is decided by the DM for the best role-player of the evening.  It is worth 100 extra experience points per level of the player character.

4)  Best Quote - This award is voted on by the group and is given to the person responsible for the best quote.  It is worth 100 extra experience points.

5)  Variable Personal Award - As the name suggests, this award will be different for each player.  Positive factors to this award could be role-playing effort and participation in the game.  A negative factor to this award is continued disruption of the game in any form. 

The Variable Personal Award will start on 10/21 and be handed out seperately from the main awards.