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Delezar the Initiate

The son of two servants, Delezar was often left alone as a child in Tantras. Supposedly taken care of by his older sister, he instead spent most of his time either at the nearby temple of Oghma or playing on the grounds of an apple orchard several blocks away. It was growing up around these two places that instilled his love of learning and love of nature. By the time he was 10, he knew how to graft seedlings and when to plant as well as he knew his numbers and letters. By 13, he was picking apples and acting as a page for the monks. 

Soon after, he met Ogden Gasden, an archivist and wizard. From Ogden, Delezar learned more about the various lore, and was especially curious about dragon lore. Ogden began to teach Delezar the dragonsí tongue, finding the young page to have a natural talent for it. Meanwhile, Delezar began to learn herbalism from the priests of Chauntea who managed to orchard where he worked during harvest time.

 When he was 16, he and his master met with a bard from the Dalelands, Selphina Treesong, concerning research on the old druidic sponsored bard colleges in the Vast. For the next year Delezar worked alongside Selphina and Ogden, learning more lore as well as his first knowledge of Silvanus, the sylvan god Selphina followed. When Selphina left Tantras the following spring, and eighteen year-old Delezar accompanied her north to visit with her cousin, the druidress Miori. Upon meeting the druidress, Delezar knew he had found the path he should tread, and immediately became Mioriís student and an initiate to the ways of Silvanus.

So it has been the past six years, with Delezar learning of the ways of Silvanus, and helping Mioriís battle against the Black Network and the Cult of the Dragon with his knowledge of dragons.