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Crystalhold Monks

Description: See Webpage

Race: Any
Alignment: Any Lawful
Spellcasting: At least 3 levels
Skills Required (all at 5 +Int): Concentration,
Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (Religion), Craft or
Profession (Any), Scry, Spellcraft
Feats: Iron Will, Spell Focus (Divination)

Saves: Same as Wizard
Base Attack: Same as Wizard
Class Skills: Same as Wizard
Spells per Day: Same as Wizard (starting at 3rd lvl
ability) but 1/2 of each spell level must be
Skill Points: 4 +INT modifier

1st - Evasion (same as monk)
2nd - Scribe Divination Scroll*
3rd - Wholeness of Body (same as monk)
4th - Brew Divination Potion*
5th - Still Mind (same as monk)
6th - Craft Divination Wondrous Item*
7th - Improved Evasion (same as monk)
8th - Craft Divination Wand*
9th - Abundant Step (same as monk)
10th - Forge Divination Ring*

* 1/2 normal GP cost, 1/2 normal time cost, 1/2 normal
XP Cost.