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Character Creation

Although this guideline was created and posted before the campaign started, any new character will follow it.   


Race    -    There will be only 3 demi-human slots for the party..  There will be no more than 1 of each type of demi-human in the party.  This will only apply to beginning characters.  If a character is killed, it will be possible to bring in another demi-human.  This will be with DM approval only.  Only demi-humans from the 3E PHB will be allowed as player characters.

Class    -    Any player character class from the 3E PHB will be allowed.  The following are the class slots available in the party:

Fighter:  3

Paladin:  1

Ranger:  1

Wizard:  2

Sorcerer:  1

Cleric:  2

Druid:  1

Rogue:  2

Bard:  1

Monk:  1

Barbarian:  1

Hometown    -    Due to the nature of the story, I'm going to allow 3 slots for Raven's Bluff (or the surrounding area) natives.  

Click here to see what race/class slots are filled

Choosing a character class, or, Who gets to play what:

I would like everyone to get an idea for what class you want to play, then email me with your class, character concept, or whatever.  My suggestion would be to think of a concept and then find a class that fits it.  

For example, a character concept might be "The Nerdy Bookworm."  From there, you might decide that the concept might work for a mage, priest, or even a scholarly fighter.   

Or you might reverse the process and say, I want to try out one of the new spell casters in 3E.  From there you might decide that the character will be "The Nerdy Bookworm." 

Once you've picked a class, concept, or both, email with the information.  If the slots for that class have already been filled, I'll let you know.  It will be first come, first serve.  Depending on the concept presented, there might not be a problem adjusting the cap.  For example, let's say that the priest slots are filled.  Both priests are going to be "healer" types.  Someone else wants to play a Druid.  I could see the cap being raised because the suggested concept was sufficiently different from the other two. 

Remember, though, I will reserve DM's fiat to not allow a certain race, class, or combination thereof.

My main goal in the character creation is getting everyone a character THEY want to play.  To that end, I will work with everyone until they get that character.