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Name: Chad

Surname: Unimportant

Home: Texas

Age: 25

Years Gaming: 11

Years DMing: 11

Favorite Fantasy System: 3E D&D

Favorite Non-Fantasy System: Tie-World of Darkness and Fading Suns

Systems Played (Not Necessarily Understood): AD&D, 3E D&D, World of Darkness, Fading Suns, Pendragon, Bubble Gum Crisis, Palladium, Shadowrun

Best Game Played In: Campaign of the Rod of Seven Parts

Best Game DMed: St. Louis by Night

Favorite Character: Jet Indigo, War Wizard of Cormyr

Favorite Class: Apparently any spellcaster

Favorite Spell: Magic Missile (Glowing darts spring from my finger-tips and slam into my foe!)

Least Favorite Spell: Melf's Acid Arrow (Bane of all spellcasters)

Favorite Enemy (Faced): Githyanki Chaos Knight

Favorite Enemy (NPC): Molvar the Mocked

Favorite Alignment: Lawful Good
Favorite D&D World: Cerilia (The setting for

Wizard or Sorcerer?: Wizard

Fireball or Lightning Bolt?: Fireball

DM/Storyteller or Player?: Definitely DM/Storyteller

Greyhawk or Realms?: Realms

Raistlin or Elminster?: Raistlin

Drizzt or, well, anyone?: Drizzt (Always bet on black)

Modern or Dark Ages?: Dark Ages
Thaumaturgy or Koldun?: Koldun

Dominate or Presence?: Presence

Camarilla or Sabbat?: Independent