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Campaign FAQ


Where will the game take place?

The campaign is set in the Forgotten Realms.  It begins in the small town of Thall, near Raven's Bluff.   Eventually the game will move on to different areas of the Vast.

What year will the game start in?

The campaign will be set in the Year of the Tankard, 1370 Dale Reckoning.

Who is going to run this?

The campaign will be run in an episodic style, similar to many shows on television today.  There will be an underlying storyline and plot run by me.  My time in the DM's chair will be spent running the different aspects of the underlying storyline.  Other DM's will rotate out with me to provide "episodes" that aren't necessarily related to the main story.

What IS the underlying story?

The underlying story involves a group of individuals who, through fate, are given the chance to right a wrong from the past.

What is the theme of the story?

I am working on two main themes for the campaign.  The first is Fate and its effects.  The other is Heroism.

Who's responsible for coming up with the storyline?

Chad.  He deserves 25.72% of the credit for the storyline.  His idea was to write  it as a module and have me run it, since it's kind of hard to run games from Port Lavaca.   I've taken his storyline, torn it down to the basic idea, and built it back into a campaign.  Many things have been added, many left out, but Chad still deserves credit for an excellent base for a story.

What character classes are available for play?  Races?

See the "Character Creation" link on the main page.

What will be the starting level of the characters?

The player characters will begin the game at first level.  Any new player character entering later in the campaign will be based on the group's average level minus two.

 What is the fellowship concept for the group?

The characters are tied together through a shared dream vision.  The specifics of what they saw still elude them, though.  They just know that something stronger than themselves binds them together.

The vision can be found under "In-Character Archives" on the campaign forum.  The title of the thread is "Midnight Meeting."

What will be the "magic level" of the game?

The active DM's voted to have a "low magic" campaign.  The focus will be more on magic items the player characters will keep and use instead of multiple items thrown in just for the novelty of having them.  Does this mean your character won't have a cool sword/axe/rod/staff/ring/etc?  No, this just means that the cool "whatever" will make sense for your character and he/she will want to keep it.  I would like to see each character with a signature item eventually...something they are known for.

How will alignment be handled in the game?

Alignments will be chosen and followed as they have been in all previous games.  The group will be good and neutral based. 

Will we be using the keeping track of spell components?

Spell components will be tracked via the system devised in the 3E PHB. 

Will we have to keep track of gold, food, provisions, etc?

Yes.  When in the wilderness, keeping track of food and water will be important.  When in the city, a monthly cost will be assessed based on variables presented in the 3E DMG.

Will we use training to advance a skill or learn a new one?

Yes and no.  Training time/money will only be spent on learning a new skill.  If a character is improving an existing skill, then they will not need to train.

How will language be handled?

See the language section of the Realm's Gazetteer for a breakdown of available human languages.  I would really like to see a push towards characters taking languages that make sense for their concept and background.  The new 3E rules will make it possible for more characters to learn more languages, so we'll need a few more choices than the standard Orc and Goblin.  Besides, how much sense does it make to start off with something like Orcish?