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Alark Mohair

Finding that old map was the best thing that ever happened to Alark.  The map led to a lost mine filled with gems, and that led to the fulfillment of a very basic gnomish need.  So he opened a jeweler’ shop in Thall, and has lived the high life (by gnomish standards) ever since.

The amicable and boisterous gnome loves to gossip and chatter with clients, passer-bys, and whoever else is (un)fortunate enough to wander within earshot. In fact, he would be down-right annoying except for his other unique talent - his gift with children. At any given time, nearly half the village’s children can be found near or inside his shop, which resembles a brightly painted roof, minus the house. Since the entire structure is built to accommodate someone under four foot tall and is filled with more junk than one can possibly imagine, the children love a place where everything is their size and a toy waiting to be
played with. 

Of course, Alark loves the attention and somehow manages to craft genuinely intricate jewelry and set flawlessly faceted gems all the while entertaining and babysitting close to 100 children, all without losing his smile.

Alark’s curiosity shop does a fair amount of business, as adventurers and merchants stop by to sell and trade items they find along their ways, safe that Alark has probably seen or heard of almost everything they come across, can quote an honest price for it, and might actually have something they need. If they can maneuver past a pair of kids playing dress up with gladiator armor and tossing a net back and forth inside a room with a four foot ceiling.